Quality Education

More than 2000 STUDENTS have benefitted from the education bursary scheme.

Ksh. 126 MILLION invested in the education program from 2015 to date that caters to the needy but bright children across the country.

From high school, more than 80% of our students gained entry into university with most still under the scheme given the exemplary performances.

The foundation in its inception identified lack of access to education as one of the biggest challenges in the country. As such, plans were put into place to ensure that the foundation would help as many children get access to quality education as it could. As the main core program the foundation has invested a bulk of its fund in education that has seen more than 2,000 children from very underprivileged backgrounds dare to dream and push on with achieving their career aspirations.

The university education alone has seen more than 500 students benefit in building their careers in societal impact driven occupations i.e. medicine and surgery, pharmacy services, school teachers, nurses and more career options. We build the foundation and a stepping stone for the children to proposer and channel their abilities. In 2020, barred by the Covid-19 pandemic, the foundation was still able to pay close to Ksh. 10 Million to ensure that the children did not miss their education and candidates sit for their examinations.