Good Health and General Well being

Ksh. 5 MILLION invested in yearly medical camps that are aimed at areas of the country with least access to healthcare services in less than 5 years

More than 11,500 men, women and children have had access to free healthcare from our donations

In excess of 400 successful surgeries have been undertaken from the medical camps giving the needy an access to free but highly specialized treatments.

Lack of access to health care services has been a rising concern over time. In areas that healthcare is not accessible is where the foundation has strived in to bridge the gap in the lack of healthcare. Through various partnerships with other organizations, the foundation has spearheaded and invested funds into these affected areas. Regions such as Kwale County, Isiolo County, Marsabit County and Lamu County have been assisted to very great success. The foundation leverages on the provision of free premium healthcare services with assistance from top specialists who volunteer for these noble causes.


In 2021, the Lamu Medical Camp which assisted more than 2000 people saw more than 20 top doctors and surgeons from the country and abroad present and doing as much as they could to save lives. More than 120 successful surgeries were done both major and minor.