Gender Equality

Annissa Wema Fund

In the Annissa Wema Fund, is the revolutionary women only fund that grants women led business acquire start up or working capital. It’s an interest free facility that has been successful since its inception in later 2018. It has seen more than 90 WOMEN have benefitted from access to the revolving fund.

The fund is currently limited to Ksh. 3 Million with aims to grow even further with time and attract smaller holder business women.

The Fund is performing exceptionally well in 2022 with more uptake and a good repayment culture within the beneficiaries.

Diaspora Employment Fund

The Fund is aimed at providing the Youth with access to employment overseas through financing their travel agency coasts including visa and transport. The Fund is revolving and offers up to Ksh. 120,000 to individuals at no extra costs. This will help reduce unemployment rates and allow skilled laborers to gain meaningful jobs in the Gulf States. The kitty currently stands at Ksh. 3 MILLION

Since its inception in 2022, 19 job seekers have been able to travel overseas and gain employment within the Gulf States and we expect the numbers to grow even further in the coming months

Ramadhan Donations

More than 2,000 families have benefitted from the Ramadhan donations made yearly by the foundation. The foundation spends more than Ksh. 1 MILLION annually towards this great cause in partnership with the bank.

Institutional Loans and Grants

Institutional grants and loans disbursed have exceeded ksh. 30 MILLION that is aimed at uplifting organizations through endowment projects that are aimed to assist the needy in their communities.

The loans have been able to have an adverse positive ripple effect in the societies given the levels of investments done in areas of Mandera, Lamu, Kilifi and Mombasa counties.