GAB Foundation



Having been born and raised within the Eastleigh district, Qathra had dreams to achieve big in her life and knew education would be her way out. She was well settled at the New Eastleigh Primary School. In 2010 however, she lost her father who was the sole bread winner within the household. This would prove to be a pivotal point in her life but she was still resilient and more relentless in her pursuit of education. Her single mother would now take up the role of being the provider within the family through selling milk. She did however excel in her primary school education posting incredible results.

In 2015, she graduated from primary with an outstanding 423 marks and was one of the best performing students in Nairobi County. The uncertainties would now rise as to how she will pursue her high school education. She did succeed and got a placement to Kenya High School which in 2020 is the best school in the country.  Her family members researched and assisted her in applying for various scholarships across different institutions. With hopes resting on outsiders for assistance and on the verge of giving up, she got a call from the GAB Foundation and her prayers would finally be answered.

She got admitted and put in the hard work through her four years and in 2019 completed her high school education. She posted a remarkable mean grade of A with 83 points garnered and ranked in the top 25 performing students nationally. Her dream has been to pursue medicine and she did get the call recently as she got admitted to pursue a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery starting on the fall of 2020.