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  • Who are the eligible applicants for bursary?

    Eligible candidates are bright but deserving needy students from secondary and undergraduate level. For secondary joiners should score at least 300 marks, while continuing students should score more than C plain, for undergraduate degree and diploma applicant should have scored C+ and C respectively.
  • How can I apply for the bursary?

    You can obtain application forms by visiting GAB Foundation website, or your nearest GAB Branch. After filling it properly and attaching the needed requirements you submit it to the nearest GAB branch or send it to our head office at Geminia Plaza first floor.
  • What are the processes after submitting the application form?

    The application goes through reveiw and screening process before it is approved and appraised by board of trustees. Normally, the trustees sit to approve quarterly i.e. after every three months.
  • When will I be notified of the decision?

    You will be notified if your application was selected or declined, kindly note that if there is no communication, your application is still in the process. However, the applicant must ensure the application has reached GAB Foundation after submitting it to the branch.
  • What is the deadline of the application?

    When application is open there is no deadline until otherwise stated. When it is closed, any application submitted may be received but will not be reviewed or processed for consideration.
  • Can beneficiary change the school and will it affect the amount awarded?

    Beneficiary is free to change the school; however he/she shall notify the foundation. Once payments are made to the previous school, the foundation will not pay again in the new school and the parent or student has to follow up with the previous school for refund.
  • How and when will payment of next semester/term be processed?

    The payment will be processed when the beneficiary submits his/her last term/semester results and fee balance.
  • How do I know if you have paid my school fees?

    Payment confirmation will be sent to beneficiary’s email (if provided), for parents who do not have email they will receive through our nearest branch.
  • How often may I apply for bursary?

    Application should be submitted once. However, if you were in secondary and now want assistance for undergraduate or diploma, you will have to re-apply a fresh.
  • Do you give bursary to international students/ students studying outside Kenya ?

  • Do the beneficiary refund after completing his/her education?

    This is a non-repayable grant unless otherwise stated in your award letter.
  • Beside bursary is there any other communal programs you support?

    We finance Medical camps, which are held annually rotating from county to county.
  • Do you support individual patient?

    We don't support individual patients, we only finance medical camps.
  • How can we apply for medical camp?

    For medical camps, we receive proposals from medical practitioners and medical students for review and consideration.
  • How to contact you?

    if you have any questions you can write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit us at GEMINIA PLAZA, 1ST FLOOR.

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