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Annissa Wema Fund


In the heart of Lamu Town, Husna is busy selling different types cut out mangrove trees. Her work area is busy with orders being prepared for deliveries across Lamu and Shela Island. It is a welcome relief for Husna whose business had crumbled on the onset of banning of logging of mangrove trees by the Kenya Forest Service. In early 2019, the bank was lifted and Husna had to start afresh, build from the ground up, but she was determined to get back her business. She is one of the two suppliers of building materials (mikoko, korija,choka and kokoto) and has grown her business now more than ever. Mangrove trees are the primary source of construction materials that is used in Lamu County as a means of preserving the heritage and face of the sites. A recent estimate showed that at least 30,000 families depend of logging trade within the county and is a source of unskilled labour within the county.

With access to the loans, Husna was able to grow and expands her business which she solely owns and runs. She has between 5 to 10 casual laborers depending on orders being received at any given time. She sells 1 korija (20 tree stems) for ksh. 8,000. She has grown her business from Ksh. 100,000 to turning over and having capital at least worth ksh. 900,000. This has been testament to her business ethics and willingness to work smart and improve her living standards within her area. She has uplifted her living standards and has been able to take her kids to attain proper education so that they come and help her run her expanding business.

She is also part of the gallant efforts being done in collaboration with the local organizations to reforesting at least 10,000 trees to preserve marine life and the eco- systems within the surrounding areas of the Island and beyond.